Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mega eyelid

Eye is still swollen.
I woke up today with my right eye swell, badly.
And it's like, it wasn't that bad the day before.
Today, you can totally see the swell.

My eye lid are like bigger? Causing my eyes to be smaller.
What I call the mega eyelid.
It still hurts a lot a lot, migraine problem most likely, since Dee said so too.
We feel for each other,understand very well, since we are going through the same thing.

Was asking weeteng n jellybean after class whether my eye is better.

Me "do I still have the mega eyelid? Is it better or worse?"
Weeteng " same..."
Jellybean "not mega, its ultra"

Seriously? I thought it got worse with his ultra, but turns out he is just making fun of me and weeteng cannot stop laughing

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