Friday, May 6, 2011

sick and down

I been sick this two weeks, suppose to be recovering in process?
BUT,the fever didn't go off at all, it's like on and off? Coming back at weird timing and intervals.
SO, I got myself another 2 days worth of MC, and now stuck at home.
Not really stuck, I am quite glad I am at home instead, going out facing the polluted air and endless crowd just makes me feel bad. REAL BAD.
I will back blog a little later I guess.
Been reading a few baking blogs, and my craving for baking is back.
Am so going to bake after I recover, but mostly after my assignments are done, which is like in June?
I am glad I did do my homework even though I am sick. YIPEE.

and finally, for days, I am sweating :D
from the bloody
Flu, fever, cough, sorethroat, endless throbbing headache, muscle ache. etc etc
shall blog a while later.
my blog kinda dead ah?
WITH ONLY three readers  ( that I know )
people out there, please do tell me you are reading.
OR you people are just too bored with my personal life huh?

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