Friday, May 20, 2011

more summary

30th April 2010. Saturday

Went skating, sad that duval can't make it, he fell sick, poor guy.
So went skating with jellybean, jelly & setsu, together with Andrew and Kelvin who are like already there.
Papa AL trained me  :D

Eric passed me Starbucks vouchers, so we got our free drinks before skating~

Trained and skate, I still can't get back my confidence on ICE, or I don't have one at all.
we extended our skating session :D
I was actually chatting with Louise most of the time, resting my knee and not over worked it this time, so it will stop getting swollen.
Spams photos :D


some stuffs happened, kinda half spoilt mood, when it's like totally not related to us at all?

and we had dinner @ old airport road~
Poor Andrew and Kelvin, can't even eat in peace.
Andrew got so sian he can't even taste his chicken chop, when it's like super delicious.

Supper with Tou Huey @ Rochor road.

WE ARE CRAZY, but I love hanging out with the peeps <3

1 May 2010. Sunday


Skyped with NAT. It seems ages since I talked to her ><

Watched THOR at Jurong Point with Jellybean.

LOVE THE SHOW, it's like one successful one, especially for a Marvel movie?
Marvel movie don't focus on the story but the character instead?
I can't stand part of the environment modeling though >< opps.
BUT, I love the costume designs, and the environment of the GIANT FROST

Saw pohyee on the way home

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