Sunday, May 8, 2011


GE 2011 was finally over, I am now on my bed blogging this.

A few hoorays and a few disappointment.

Congrats to WP for making history? Taking up more seats as opposition this year?

But, it's really saddening that Mr George Yeo was voted out. They said that the opposition was strong, a "dream team" they called them. So yeah for winning against PAP? But George yea out of parliament? He is one of the rare good ministers we have. A gentlemen indeed with his speech after the results.

Oh a total air head, bimbo, what sgreans called "Xiao mei mei" gonna be in the parliament this time. Thanks to GCT, without him, doubt they will win huh.
Hope ms tin tin better change for the good. Grow up and be more mature. No more stomping of foot please.

Maybe Kate spade will get like an increase of import but with a decline of sales? With the oppose against tintin?

How about vote tin tin out and get George yeo in instead? Replacing her?
Or george yeo for president or smething?

Will I get caught or sue for posting this up huh?

And Cedric foo! Since u are voted smc for my area, can you make sure the blks are going to be fully painted instead of partially?

GE over, 2016 next, and I will get my chance to vote.

Repent? Now? And wait and see how things go for the next 5 years.

I need to sleep, mum cannot stop nagging.

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