Thursday, April 7, 2011

NEW clothes!

was like showing Alicia the link to sixx and sevenn or erm blackmail which I am more familiar to, we both found this photo and was linked to

(seriously, I am not paid to write this)

the price range are like super cheap?
at least for me?

a dress at 12.90?

people say that bugis is chepaer, but, it's like a lot of time is needed to go bugis for a shopping trip?
I am kinda used to staying at home to shop online instead. Showing friends anytime I want!
am just too lazy to go out for shopping ><

<3 Jellybean for getting them for me.
heh, I do feel bad, but then...erm....
havent paid yet though, so not sure about the quality and such?
will blog when I recieve them.

and it's like the 4 pieces, they are almost not my style at all?
but I really do like them a lot.

like what Alicia said, we should change our style.
who give a damn about what other people say.

I wear what I want.
and of cause the correct types for the different scenarios is important too.

shall wait till everything is paid and settle while waiting for my clothes to come. omona.

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