Thursday, April 7, 2011

CALLY's muamie 1st Birthday

obviously she isn't just 1, but 23 this year, but we put only 1 candle on her cake, just to make her happy.

This was like erm, on the way to school? waiting for the shuttle bus.

Totally backdated, met up with the skating family on 4th april, muamie's birthday is on 5th.
Luna was like wadapping to ask whether jellybean and I were free.

Was very broke, so suggested Astons.
Food is good there right, and the price is reasonable.
So why not! Plus, they love it too, right!!!!

Jellybean went home straight after class to bath and change, while I rot around waiting for time to pass?
Had to meet Felicia at 6.15pm at clementi, and class ended at 4pm.

I actually rot at one of the shops at Bunoa Vista MRT station, trying the cheese fries, and knit while waiting.
I regretted, it's omfg, not nice at all.

Stayed at Clementi and knitted till Felicia came, to purchase the Big Bang Tonight poster from her, but then now, I wonder where should I put the poster. HMMM....
and just nice in time to meet jellybean and head towards Suntec.

Jake totally gave jellybean a new nick name


it kinda stuck with him. The convo quite funny.
it was on the way to suntec, on the mrt. L O L

Astons was nice <3 and delicious. Love the Salmon max.
Luna got a cake for muamie, BEN and JERRY's ICE CREAM CAKE.
HOW COOL huh, I think it's cookies and cream flavour if I didn't remember it wrong ><

Luna drew this. Amazing hor :P

We crap lots at Astons, glad Jellybean able to meet them, my wonderful friends. Even though I only know them in Poly times, but they are really nice friends to hang out with.
It's worse then meeting real parents. HAHAHA.

We went Durty Nellys after that, for beer, I drank a mango margarita.
so, apparently, I can't taste a single bit of the tequila, and thus SSD tim, asked for more tequila, the nice enough waiter gave me a shot to add in.
It was too full at first, all the ice and all, so like part of it were on the table instead. Totally wasted, can smell though.

Didn't really want to touch much, cause I was having cramps, THE BLOODY FIRST DAY, yes literally. ><
Oh well, but then, it's alcohol leh... I thought nothing would happen anyway, but then, I was wrong once again.

I actually gulp down the melted and diluted drink, thinking it will be nothing, while all the tequila are at the bottom.
So it's like 1.5 shot down? at least?
I got a little high, but not drunk.
Wasn't even red too, and a good thing, it didn't burn my throat :D

Luna fell on her way home though, according to jake, too drunk both of them, with just one beer. omona :P
I aint any better to comment about them actually.

So, kinda talked a little with jellybean on the ride home?
I like the little little talks we have, it's nice to talk like this occasionally?

I actually start being a super act-cute girl over skype.
and I called yiping to tell her I like her, (not counting the endless times I actually told jellybean), and then I record a voice memo for preshiie, ended call with jellybean, and called yiping again to say good night. AND I called luna and jake to say good night too.

I was high, max high, I knew what I was doing, actually.
come to think of it, it's so funny. HAHAHA
I would so do it once again :P

I love hanging out with them much. <3
I miss the house parties we have, luna's house? cally's house? tim's house? my house? who's next HAHA!
and my skating trip, shall make sure I will go next week! I miss skating a lot.

created a facebook private group for us, ICE CUBES, and the name stuck, with our group convo in wadapps too.
flooding and spamming one another, with different topics that make me laugh and entertain me in class.

I miss them, already.

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