Sunday, March 13, 2011

sharing & Jarrel's 21st Birthday Blues

some things are meant to share, and some things aren't.

anyway attended Jarrel Tan 'xiaoming' 21st Birthday Blues with Atq and Adr.
my first 21st birthday party I attend, and more to come, especially this year, with the people I know, who are mainly turning 21 this year.

It's great seeing friends whom I havent met for so long, like since graduation?
other then Atq and Adr, and of course Jarrel, there's james, keann, vicson, huiming, sinee.. etc
I was looking forward to see Alicia though ><
just act blur? but especially facing people from FMS.
you can't hide.
but just listen to them bombarding you with questions

It's was a straight NO last time, if they ask me,
now. I don't even know what to answer anymore.
Please, tell me, how to handle this.
They won't be the only ones, I know...

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