Friday, February 4, 2011


Met up with the classmates on Tuesday 25th Jan 2011 for Burlesque.
My cathay voucher was expiring soon, so had to quickly use it.

Was debating between Burlesque or The Tourist.
Didn't regret watching Burlesque.
Always love broadway and musicals. Jazz dances.
They just rock.
I need to rewatch Chicago, Dream Girls, Moulin Rouge etc etc

I was late, like always.
Shouldn't have side tracked. aish
Anyway I cabbed there, but was still too late to get the tickets.
I felt bad, somehow, cause they can't buy the tickets without having me being there, since I was holding on to 2 vouchers to be used.
We missed the 6.50pm show and had to get the 9.55pm one.

We walked around since we had so much time.
I actually managed to resist temptation to buy anything at Kino with the WDA allowance in my bank.
It's just tempting, or I am used to being broke.

Didn't get togusa's converse, cause the shoes design are max boring, and expensive for their designs.

Burlesque was OMFG nice. seriously.
The stage was like i-love-it-and-wanna-be-on-it.
Christina's voice is max powerful too. I love how she acts and dances on the stage.
It's so sexy, and naughty at time, with the little strip tease (but you can't see a thing)
The dance steps are fabulous!
I wish I could dance like that, or, sing and dance at the same time like that.

Story was okay, I mean broadway musical films, I normally just enjoy the little bits of the story here and there, but focus more of the singing, the songs, and especially the dance.
Ending was a little weird, for the guy had wrote a song, which feels more like a ballad, and how could you use a ballad for a finale right? It just didn't match, the song and the ending.

Seriously loves the ballad that Cher sing.
I can loop the soundtrack all day.

Went to LAN, L4D whenever we can. It's addictive, seriously.

I wasn't really in the mood though, my endless headache, and the weird moodswings I have,
I was debating with myself to go home or not.
Then, I still love to hang out with my classmates.
Even though it's just L4D.

Half way throughout we decided to change our spot to Chambers since it's cheaper.
I was getting real tired, but do not know whether to go home or not.
I actually squat outside Chambers with Waine for at least 1 hour, it's like from 2 plus till 3 plus 4am?

Mum cannot stop calling and smsing, and I just decided to ignore all those.

Chatted with Waine, it was nice chatting with him whole day.
Been gossipping like no one business, talk to him, he was nice enough to just listen to what I rant and say.
It was nice to have a friend like him.
He could make a good elder brother to a younger sister.

We just squat there till our legs and butt turned numb and we just ended up sitting down there.

Cabbed home at 4am, cause mum just cannot stop calling.

Apparently, the other people who are still playing, LAN-ed till the first MRT ride home. How marvelous.

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