Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hello, I am Hui Jin but everyone know me as Cookie, I answered by both the name though.
Perhaps, only my closest friends called me by Hui Jin or Jin for short.

Born in 1990, 20th December, I am totally a Sagittarius. 
I am what I am, and very straight forward about it, and there are times where it get me in trouble because of that.
Yet, I take pride being a sagit.

This blog is all about me, my lifestyle and stuffs going around me.
I love crafts and DIY, baking and cooking, so look out for my recipes and tutorials.

I might got missing once in a while but I will always be back.

Yes, and I love making friends!
So, let's be friends! :)

you can always contact me for any enquiries, invitations, sponsorships or reviews @