Friday, December 31, 2010

Post Xmas post

Last week was CHRISTMAS!

Had a technically 5 days holiday!
Thursday - no class for animation cause Jerry not in, but we still went to School to finish our assignments. :D
It was so stupid. The school said that they are bringing the server down cause the production side are down and they need money to repay their debts. etc etc
So I practically spend 2 hours there saving all our class work from the server, it wasn't big, just around 4 GB.
Damn the server. Too many people busy transferring too. So I didn't really do much stuffs :(

Went to Weeteng house on Christmas itself. Super impromptu.
We had a skype session and then we were just going on saying where should we go and stuff, and then settled with Weeteng house.
So I went over to JP to eat lunch with Natalie and had a super last minute Xmas shopping!

Met up with the others and went over to Weeteng house.
Only Yi Bao, Jia Xuan, Nakama, Melvin and me went.

Brought my baileys, watch Step up 3 without the D, Weeteng's dad got us Sakae's Sushi.

Bought mac and hanged out at void deck. GOT XIAOQIANG :( cannot handle :(

Sun went to Guili's house. Charis and Jiabing were there too.
We watched The Hangover. Laughed like crazy.

Didn't stay long cause I promise mum I will be back home to have dinner.

Okay I can't really remember much, but I remember Monday was chiong my homework day.
Was rushing out my sculpting and presentation for history of art and film.
Did boat sink scene comparison for Poseidon and 2012.

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