Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last Post of the Year

Nat was saying to blog properly for the Last post of the year.

It's the end of 2010! OMG
I am already 20! The start of 2 for me.

I graduated and went to a new school this year.
I lost friends, but I made new great friends from my new school.
I spend lots of money, but I am not in bad debt compared to last year. SO yeah!
That's a big improvement for me, I spend whenever I can.

I don't actually know what to post.

I want to work hard next year?
Build up my portfolio, get a good at least stable job when I graduate.
Stop vomiting and having diarrhea so easily.  My body is weakening by this.
I should eat properly, like seriously.
I also hope my headache isn't something too serious or important,  going for consultation next month.
*prays hard*

I want to watch more movies too!
I have been watching a lot of movies with my classmates, and it's like we can actually finish all the movie they are screening before. L O L we actually run out of movies to watch.

Let me be not that vulgar and rough anymore, PLEASE.

I hope relationship with my parents can be better? Stop arguing so easily, I should seriously control my temper.
Relationship with friends should be better too. I don't like arguments.
I don't like crying at night how I think I am distant with friends.

Let me get lesser injuries too. So I can skate more.


I don't know what to write .....

I WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY. including myself

no more fake smiles and secret tears at night.
I don't want friends to be worried.


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