Sunday, December 5, 2010


I've seriously not been skating for very, very, very long.
It been don't know how long since I got my new skates, at least 4 months, but, I haven't even wear it for more than 5 times. Amazing or what?

School been so busy for me, that I didn't have time to go skating.
I only been there once, which is the 2nd time I wore my new skates, during the past 3 months in school.
It's crazy, seriously.
For someone like me who go skating almost every saturday?

My skates is still very very sharp.
I didn't sharpen when I tried it on the first time, and now I can't even plough dued to the sharpness.
At least, the skates is WAY LIGHTER than my mission pair.
I can skate at least 2X faster, and cross easily.
Not to mention, fall even more times, cause I don't give a damn.

SO. School not open today, and I went skating.
with cally, tim and evelyn, who is back for her summer holidays if I'm not wrong.

I'm like out of energy super fast.
Just a few rounds and I'm like OH MY GOD. SUPER TIRED.
Lack of air too, pant pant pant. The cold air don't help at all.

I still can't break, not even plough with my current skates.
BUT, I can do a little T-break, provided I'm not skating fast.
I don't even dare to try, I just decelerate to stop.
Need to make my skate blunt so I can at least plough,
to save my life from falling and injuring my leg again.

IT WAS FUN. duh.
I want to skate more.
It's still counted as exercising for me, right?

Should I just go skating every Saturday after school?

some photos~ The photos I took with Tim ssd is way too unglam -.-

cally muamie

with evelyn~

I'm planning to choose one of this for my new dp~ after the cartoon thing is over on facebook.

Had korea rice cake for late lunch.
Seriously must eat this every time I go skating.
Cravings. Too bad they don't have honey mustard sauce otherwise I will the chicken thigh too.
I'm in love with the tornado potato thing too.

And so funny.
We were like poking Tim, and he were closing his eyes, and I can't reach out with my hands, so I used Cally's coca cola bottle to poke his face.
He were like not looking and used his hand to "Sweep" away it.
He didn't even know it was the bottle and not my hand.
I didn't hold on to it tight enough and it went WHEEE~~ flew over the other table.
OMG! seriously. it's so embarrassing. Thankfully, it didn't hit anyone.
Otherwise it will be damn bad.

Took this photo on the way home in Tim's car!

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