Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have always been getting headaches and migraines since like secondary school?
It had been getting worse and worse.

Today's bad, woke up feeling super giddy and dizzy. When I looked up, things started spinning a little.
The last time this happened was when we went to WeeTeng's house.

I don't like it at all.
My whole body just feel so weak, my arms super sore.

Mum's worried, she kept on asking me to go get a scan or something.
So, I didn't go school today, and sleep in a little bit more and went to the doc at Clementi's polyclinic.

Waited for like 1hr for my turn?

What doc said was scary.
"It's not normal for you to get headache like this, you are only 19"
Something along this line.
DAMN. Before I could tell her mum want me to get referral.
The doc said to refer me to a specialist.

I was happy when there's JMC for me to choose to go, but then, they do not have the neurology department there.
They gave me NUH, but after I got my appointment and then was walking to the MRT, mum finally picked up the phone.
She didn't like NUH, asked me to go back change to SGH -.-

Saw Alex ah gong on my way back, he accompany me to wait while I change my appointment from NUH to SGH.
Remembered the times when Alex once accompanied me to the polyclinic too.
We made fun of the cartoon that they showed. HAHA
Appointment Details
Speciality/Institution :  SGH - Neurology
Location : Clinic E, BLK 3, B1
Date/Time : 20/01/11 @ 3.55pm
You are advised to consult a doctor if your condition worsens or new symptoms develop.

NUH was previously on 23rd Feb instead. That's far.

Hope nothing gone wrong with me. *prays hard*

Going back to sleep

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