Sunday, December 19, 2010


I miss my DVFX poly mates lots.
BUT I guess its hard for everyone to meet up now.
Internal conflicts and stuffs, and all our schedules clashes.

I am suppose to meet a few tomorrow.
Sad to say, due to my bad headache, and dinner with parents.
I'm not able to go.

Seriously, this is the 2nd time I am not going.
How sad.
I hate it when I say I didn't meet them, but I'm the one who's not going.
It's like I feel that I'm not making an effort.
So dissapointed in myself.

The peeps are going to watch TRON tomorrow.
I have yet to re-watch tron. (NOTE TO SELF: DO IT SOON)

School's been crazy soon, so I don't know when I can meet them again.
Lose the chance my self.
How stupid.

I miss them all.

I want to go badly :(

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