Wednesday, December 8, 2010


What's wrong with me. I can't believe I vomited again. Twice after the so call dinner, cause I didn't really eat a proper meal.

It's not like I ate a lot tonight, maybe a little fried wonton or Wadeva is it call n tibits during gossip section, so need to blog about it, and a little lays at home.

Maybe the salt n vinegar screw my stomach up, this time.

I think wt can totally guess that I vomited just now, just that she didn't say or ask. My face totally give it all. I mean who will look perfectly okay after vomiting right?
Plus the numerous times I actually did vomit right after lunch or dinner, its pretty easy to guess.

I seriously don't like vomiting.
Although it does, makes me feel better, a lot.
But! It just shows how bloody weak my stomach and my body is.
And why don't my weight goes down after vomiting??
Not that I'm anorexic or what, but since I'm already vomiting, weight should go down right?

Anyway, I vomited again.
Super sudden nauseous feeling I say, I totally feel fine till I was like brushing my teeth. Argh.
I have to on the water hose, as an distraction, so my parents especially my mum, know that I'm actually vomiting.
She will so start to lecture and scold me how not enough sleeps and snacks causes me to vomit. Argh.
Enough of those lecturers.
How I wish it could be just a simple "are you okay girl?" instead.
Sometimes I really wants attention, I guess.

I shall stone n stare, though I can't really see well in the dark, till I fall asleep.
Which I seriously think that crying to sleep is easier, more effective, and more likely to happen.
Since I don't know what the hell I'm feeling this few days, a bit cranky and a bit mental breakdown.
Crying lots, secretly? Which is now so not, cause I cried infront of my classmates yesterday on the way home.
And infront of Yiping, ah boy stanley n Benny just now.
And ryuchii ppl knows that I'm crying, and van n Nat were so sweet to ask whether I'm okay.
The headache n dizziness play a very big part I guess. I'm kinda worried too, especially I'm going to a specialist, who need to see a specialist if they are just normally sick. Okay don't make sense.

I'm like totally typing an essay while I'm trying hard to sleep on my phone.
I'm just top bored to stay awake, nothin for me to do online. I finish reading princess diaries. N staring at a stagnant lappie with a blank screen don't work since most of my msn conversations are dying or are dead. Or maybe I'm just plain irritating that people just ignores and don't feel like talking to me and I just don't get the hint.

Maybe all this are just no true and I'm being some cranky, crazy emotional freak ... Giving myself some excuse and reasons to be sad and cries.

Just ignore this post. Doubt anyone will really read my blog to find out what is going on with me.
But it's really nice to have a place for me to rant n type what I want to make myself feels better cause I don't really know who to talk too cause everyone have their own problems too.

I can't believe I manage to type this chunk of words with my iPhone instead.

Perhaps, I just need a ice cream and a crying section. Any ice cream and shoulder sponsors?

I lied, I'm not feeling any good. I think it just got worse and the crying section is starting.

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