Thursday, December 23, 2010

20TH BIRTHDAY .... late post. part I


I went skating on 18th Dec, Sat. To kind of celebrate with my skating friends.
It's just an excuse for me to skate actually. HAHA

Evelyn gave me a bottle of sweets.
So sweet of her.

I managed to like finally do my snow plough AGAIN.
And practice my cornering for my  crossover, but I am just too afraid of falling down, I guess.
Took a lot of piccys.

and they were very sweet enough to get me a donut as "birthday cake" HAHA

and cally got me my purple care bear!!!
YOUTIAO is it's name.

Went to eat dou jiang you tiao!

Got very bad headache and car sick though :( AISH

THANK YOU CALLY AND EVELYN FOR THE PRESENTS and everyone else who are there too :D

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