Sunday, November 28, 2010

Easy A


Saved a couple of bucks :)
I know it's not out yet, but.... I'm not going to say where I watched it at.

Anyway, I love that show.
Romantic comedy, it's a little like typical teens romantic movies, where the girl like the guy, and then the guy fell in love with her. But! This is different. I like how they portray the story in a different way, not the normal cliche stories.

I love all the little funny bits inside the movie, I was never bored throughout the entire movie.
I can't stop laughing too, and shaking my head sometimes.

This is one movie that I wouldn't mind spending money to the cinemas, it will be fun especially with my girl friends.

I like the first person perspective, where she start telling her story and sort.
It's really a different teenage romance movies you normally watch.

4/5 stars :D

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