Saturday, October 16, 2010

school work

Been drawing lots in school.
I got like 5 out of like 9 modules that requires me to draw.
Especially anatomy and life drawing classes.
I kinda dread going to classes, but I love to draw, somehow.

I found my love in charcoal, and been using charcoal to draw now.
My pencils are rotting away. I'm only using like 2B or HB for outline only?
Charcoal is fun! very fun!
but dirty too, but other then dirty, it's kinda hard to control, but I like the darkness of it.
Totally love it.
The best thing, it's fastest. For me.

I should practice drawing at home too, my drawing skills is like WTH now.
I can't even get a mere 70 for my life drawing.
How depressing.
Lect was even like " actually you can draw "
erm what is that suppose to mean? HAIS.
Need to improves.

Drawing flowers now, which I love more then normal items.
I don't know. It seems easier and more fun to me.
It's like 2 different drawing if you look at my flower sketch and my previous life drawing pieces.

I'm currently drawing Orchid now,
Should have filter off some of them, so I don't have so many flowers to draw.
Good thing Orchid doesn't have many petals. Otherwise I will just cry.
and I've always been crying, so what's the diff ah.


This my composition.
We had to move them around, a arrange it so that it fit in the composition thingy lect say.

My rough sketch with HB pencil, or was it 2B?
I can't really remember.
I tried sketching with a charcoal pencil, see the bud on the top?
I failed, BADLY, sad to say.

Stayed back after class today to continue sketching.
Used willow charcoal. Super nice to use please.
Drew from top to bottom incase I dirty my drawing with my palm if I work the other way round.
I like my 2nd flower from the top, not counting the buds.
Focus point.

Going back to school to continue drawing this.
Monday the "deadline".

I'm bored.

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