Friday, July 9, 2010

test drawing: NEKO

meow~ failed drawing via tablet and photoshop

Earlier on at my work place, I took down photos of a pictorial book belonging to one my students.
It's a step by step drawing books, specially for kids.
I found it cute, and photocopying the entire book will be crazy, so I took photos instead.
Yes, taking photos of the entire book is crazy too.

It's been a long time since I draw with my tablet, and my skill became lousy.
I need to practise more, and how I wish my school will start asap, so I can be in the digital painting class asap!

I actually drew 3 neko (cat in Japanese), but the other 2 cats, cannot make it at all.
I cropped them off, and left with this particular one.

I think I should just stick with paper and pencil for the moment, while I train how to draw using the table again.

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