Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Piece - Manga

A drawing of Jolly Roger I did earlier on when I was still reading One Piece

Manga lovers should know One Piece, and for those we don't:

I was reading One Piece when I was in my last semester in Ngee Ann, I got bored waiting for my stuffs were rendering, for hours, I need something to do.
So, I thought I should re-read One Piece, I failed to survive through till the latest chapter.
You can sometimes hear my classmates saying " still at one piece???"
I took A LONG LONG TIME to actually read till like half? and I'm still not even at chapter 380? 400?

So I decided, to re-read One Piece again when I found this drawing I did last year.
Technically December 2009.
That's how long I have stopped reading.
Should do more drawings on mangas and animes, since I'm reading and watching like an otaku.

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