Wednesday, May 17, 2017

So long.

It's been so long since I came back to this blog.
It used to be my source of energy, happiness and a place for me to share my day and memories.

I don't know when it started, but I have forgotten how happy I was and how enjoyable it is to type the day away and write a blog post.
Not forgetting editing all those photos late at night.

I guess once I stepped into the adult working world my life changed.
I no longer the same child as before and there's responsibilities for me to uphold before me.
I no longer got the strength and energy to stare at the laptop after work and I am badly relying on my smartphone instead.
Perhaps if I did save up and get myself the iPad it might be different.

I did spend my time (and money) on others stuffs.
I am financially more stable to hang out with friends, eat at a cafe more often and even travel with my own money.

I used to say I would share about my holiday trips but none of them made it up here.
That's like
3 Japan trips, 1 Australia trip and 1 boracay trip.... at least.

For now I got a whole bunch of time to rest and recover from my accident, I shall revive this blog and let this be my venue of where I type away again.

Also, changed the name since some strangers took over my domain while it expired and I can't seems to get it back.
The Cookie Chee instead.
In the midst of changing the facebook page name but I kept getting denied, might give up sooner or later.


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