Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Accessorise Cookie

I love accessories, a lot. 
Being in love with the Japanese and Korean fashion statements, I love layering my clothes with different accessories. 

Jewellery is something I can't have without in my daily life. 
For there will always be at least a ring or bracelet on me. 
Even at work if there are in my way, I will just remove them and put them back again after work.

Every since I've started work, I can't stop the temptation of getting more and more of them, and started collecting more.
Yes, even Pandora.
Everyone have their favourite jewellery for accessorising, here's mine and what's yours?

I initially didn't want to fall into the Pandora crave, foreseeing myself not being able to resist the temptations.
All I really wanted was the Ice Skates charm, really badly.
I am blessed with really good friends who knew I wanted the charm so badly, got it for me.
Even the  Christmas charms are presents from another friend.
I just can't resist the glass beads since they are really pretty.
I really do love the bead-y things.
Pandora has this wooden charm series but it's very much out of stock, and I would love to find them somewhere ><
If any of the readers out there do know where to find, please let me know!!

Jewellery can be rings, necklaces, earrings to brooches, bracelets, anklets etc.

Jewellery can be made from many different materials and metal + gemstones are one the favourites.
Throughout the years and different cultures, other materials are introduce into jewellery making,
thus making more choices for you and I to have!!!

I personally really like silver, gemstones and glass beads. 
Mummy always said that I am "stupid" for choosing silver over gold since gold is worthy.
I don't need expensive materials for my jewellery but one that caught my eyes instead.

I got this when I was in Boracay, shopping for present with Edmund for his dear girl Cally.
Purple and Blue are my color, and the matte feel of the stone attracts me.

Somewhat, I prefer strings over metal materialed necklaces.

This is yet another precious present of mine.
I got this for my 21st birthday from my beloved friends JiaYan and Benny.
It's my birthstone Sapphire, I barely wear it for fear I lose it somewhere ><

Some bracelets I got from my Boracay trip.
The left was sewn together with shells and strings,
while the right is actually made from Snake bone.

To be honest, I do not know how real it is for it to be actual snake bone, 
but it actually does look cool enough for me to buy it. 

Bracelets made out of shells and bones attracts me too.
I guess being a crafty, DIY person, I tends to get attracted to things like that.
Using things you can find around you, and making something out of them.

Here are some buttons rings I made by gluing and matching them up!
I went a little over making too many of them ><
So I am gonna have a giveaway coming up for some of my DIY jewellery!!! 

Nowadays since I barely step out to shop, I usually get my jewellery online!
Which shops or places do you people get them from?

Zalora, Wholesale7, Taobao ...etc. are the few places I love to visit for accessories and jewellery.
Friends know I love them so occasionally I do get little presents from my dear ones.

Most of the rings, the bracelets and the bangles are from them.
I am really fortunate and blessed to have them in my life. 

What type of accessories attracts you?  
Where do you get your accessories and jewellers from?

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