Wednesday, December 5, 2012

EOY 2012 is coming!!!

Anime/Manga and Cosplay lovers, EOY 2012 is coming!

This year the EOY team brings you EOY for FREE!!! 
That's right, FREE!

EOY, also known as Events of the Year 2012 will be held at Marina Barrage.

Date : 9th December 2012, Sunday 
Time : 11am to 8pm
Venue : Marina Barrage

There are so many additional stuffs this year!
Here are some stuffs that you can look out for :)

Definitely, COSPLAY !!!!!

The Cosplay Festival at Marina Barrage boasts a large open space for Cosplayers to present their best Cosplay costumes and props, portray their favourite anime / manga / game characters, and commit them to eternal memory via the lenses of many cosplay photographers. It is a year-end celebration & gathering for what might well be the largest congregation of Cosplayers in Singapore!

They even had Cosplay Ambassadors around!!
Featuring "RISA" from AFA Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe!

You can check out the full list of Cosplay Ambassador here 


Next, there is the Meido Ambassador!!!
Personally, I went for the audition, but boohoo Cookie isn't moe enough after all!
Not to worry, visitors, guests and ojou-samas will be treated well with the Meidos EOY 2012 gonna have!

EOY Cosplay Festival 2012 will be graced by a group of kawaii EOY Meido Ambassadors. They will be looking after you at the Rest Area dedicated to our tired event attendees. You can rest your feet, talk to them, order some drinks and take a polaroid (checki) photo with them.

Nanami, Yumi and Mikazuki are dear friends of mine and I spoke to Neko during the audition.
They are nice girls meidos that will treat all the ojou-sama well during EOY.

Plus!! Visitors can get to take polaroid (also known as checki) with them!!! 

Check out the other Meido Ambassadors here >>


There's something about a Cosplay/Anime/Manga event that you can't miss!!!

Food and Merchandises!!!

BonJapan will be bringing you all the goodies food and drink from Japan!!! 
Get to indulge in them!

Remember to check out all the merchandises and fan arts that will be there too!!


From EOY own productions, present you with their own KiraCandy Girls!!!
Some of the girls were meido ambassadors from previous years and some are newly added.

This year we are very happy to have KiraCandy Girls joining EOY Cosplay Festival. There are a group of happy girl-group from the community who is out to share fun and enjoy the Cosplay Festival together with you. Let’s chill out with them and take some photos together for remembrance!
more information on KiraCandy girls here at >>


This year, they added on a EOY QUEST too!
With EOY Quest, visitors get to join in a live mmorpg game!!

You get to interact with the Cosplay Ambassadors, Meido Ambassadors, KiraCandy girls and more while going through the EOY Quest!!!

There will be prizes to be won too *winks*

Since Marina Barrage is so pretty at the same time, there will be lots of photo taking chances for you people!!!

Get your chance to trade and get cos-cards from the fellow cosplayers too!!!
Even though I got no cosplay photos to use, I am going to make myself special name cards for this event and trade them off too!!!

The Cosplay Ambassadors, Meido Ambassadors and KiraCandy girls will have their own unique coscards to trade off too!
So don't miss it!!


Wait, that's not all!

EOY is also stage for aspiring performers to showcase their talents!
Some had been performing for years and there are also newly young talents joining!

It will be an entire day of performance there to entertain you other than cosplaying and phototaking!!!

Oh, and don't worry if you do not know how to get to Marina Barrage!
Two of the KiraCandy girls are here to teach you!

Seriously, I can't wait to be there.
I am already starting to think of what to wear there!!! Any ideas and suggestions?

For more informations, you can check out EOY 2012 at

FB :
Official Website :

Hope to see you there cause I will be going!!!
Can't wait to see all the cosplayers, meidos, kiracandy girls and the merchandises :D


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