Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Gifts Idea - VOUCHER

Christmas is coming, and my clique are having a little party at York Hotel.
Yes, we booked a room for the group of us.

We are having a Angel + Mortal game, 
which is a sort of present exchanging game.
The Angel has to get a present for his/her Mortal,
in which the Mortal DO NOT knows who's their own Angel.
Plus, we aren't suppose to let the others know.
But then..... oh nvm :)

Our budget was $20.

And even how close our group are, 
there are times where we will be stuck in thinking of what to get, 
within the budget.

Thus, we had a wish list going on.
That still doesn't really help much though as the dear mortals can't think of what they want.

So a few of us randomly thought of an idea of VOUCHERS.

You see, our dear group always hang out at
BADEN, Holland Village,
for a drink or two, with chicken wings and nutella tart next door.
It's our usual hangout and we even get to know friends there already.

HERE, I present you the vouchers I just "Designed"
(kindly borrowed ideas off google)

So, those poor angels who can't think of any ideas can just kindly print the voucher and give it off as a present to their mortal. 

It's real fun photoshopping and laying-out the voucher.

Most probably gonna re-use the vouchers since we are always paying off debts with beers instead of cash/money.

So, what's your Christmas gift ideas?
Or are you going to give out vouchers!?!?!?!

Maybe I should start doing more vouchers!

- free hugs
- free massage
- free starbucks

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